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Shared ownership is a simple, affordable way to own your own home without needing a large mortgage, or the deposit that goes along with it. You buy a share in your home (typically 40%, but in some cases this varies), and rent the remaining share from us at a reduced monthly rent. 

Whilst we will own the lease on your home, it's yours to decorate and maintain, just like with any other home purchase. It's worth mentioning here that certain homes and developments will have restrictions on what you can and can't do to your home - our team will make sure all of this is explained to you, and that you're happy before you proceed with any purchase.

Our '5 simple steps' video below should give you a head-start on the process of choosing and buying a Shared Ownership home.

Our Buying your home page explains the steps in a little more detail, and we have also produced a PDF guide to Shared Ownership, which you can download for further information.

If you're looking to buy more shares in your home you can find out more here.

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