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Congratulations, all your checks and references are complete and you’re ready to move in! By now we should have agreed a date and time to meet you at your new home.

We may have several check-ins to do on that day, so please let us know if you’re going to be late, also please note that your check-in may take between 30 minutes and an hour, and you won’t be able to move any of your belongings in until we’re completed.

Below is a list of everything we’re going to need to complete on the day. Please check this list as you may not be able to move in if anything is missed or forgotten.

Proof of Identification

To complete your Right-to-Rent check we will need to see original copies of your passport/visa and proof of address.

Sign your documents

You should have already seen and checked your contract, but we’ll both sign your ‘Original Tenancy Agreement’ at check-in. We’ll also ask you to sign documents for your deposit details, direct debit, inventory, keys and tenancy check-list.


We will walk through the property together and carry out a full check of its condition; noting and agreeing things like marks, dents, wear and tear etc. We will both sign the inventory when complete. We will also note the keter-readings for utilities at this time.


Gas, electricity, phone, broadband and TV service providers are your responsibility and you’ll need to setup these suppliers and payments yourself.

We’ll take current meter readings at Check-In for you to tell your new supplier.


We pay to insure the building but you will need to arrange suitable insurance cover for the value your contents/possessions.

Please make sure your contents insurance covers loss of keys, and damage caused by faulty appliances, as well as storage of things like bicycles in secure storage areas.


At check-in we’ll let you know where parking is available or where your dedicated/allocated space is located.


We’ll handover your new keys. This is usually a set for each tenant.


We will give you details of who to contact in the event that your property needs a repair – you can read the full document HERE too.

Paying your rent

We will ask you to sign a direct form at check-in. Please remember it’s your responsibility to ensure funds are available for the direct debit to be taken from your bank account. If you have any questions or issues with paying your rent, you can contact us HERE.

If for any reason your rental account falls into arrears we will contact you to resolve, but please be aware failure to keep up regular payments may result in the loss of your home.


The Tenancy Agreement we’ve both signed will outline both our and your responsibilities. These will include keeping the property in good condition, keeping up with your rental payments, reporting any repairs in a timely manner and ‘quiet enjoyment’ of your home.

Renewing your tenancy

At the end of your fixed-term your tenancy agreement will become a ‘statutory periodic tenancy’ which means it runs from month-to-month. If you’d like to renew for a fixed-term, please contact us.

Moving out

Once your fixed-term tenancy ends, your notice period is 1 month. If you’re still within your fixed-term and your circumstances have changed, please contact us immediately and we’ll discuss if there are options to end your tenancy early.

We will need to complete moving-out inventories and check-outs at the end of your tenancy.

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