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Thank you for booking to view a rental property with us. This is your first chance to see inside what may be your new home! 

We’ll meet you at the property at an agreed time and show you around. Do feel free to bring a tape measure if you’d like to double-check everything will fit!

As well as showing you around, we’ll be able to answer any questions you have about the property or about how renting from us works.

We may be carrying out several viewings on the day, if you’re going to be late for any reason, please let us know.

After your viewing it’s important to let us know if you’d like the property as soon as you can. Please click on the items below to see the requirements or next-steps to secure your new home with us.


Any good landlord has a responsibility to make sure that a rental property is suitable and affordable for you. We will ask you to confirm that your annual income (or joint income if it’s a joint tenancy) is thirty times the monthly rent, for example a property letting for £1,000 per month will require an income of £30,000.

We may ask to contact your previous landlord and will also perform credit and referencing checks, find out more below.

Terms and conditions

The steps below will explain at what point you’ll get a contract to sign when you rent from us. If you’d like to read the standard terms and conditions that form part of our contracts, you can HERE.

How do I secure the property?

You’ve found the perfect place that ticks all your boxes. Tell us you want the property as soon as you can!

Discussing the details

We’ll then discuss details like move-in dates, any work that needs completing before you move-in, the length of your tenancy and the parking/access arrangements.

Pre-tenancy assesment

We’ll send you a pre-tenancy assessment – this runs through some basic checks before formal referencing takes place.


Once we’ve agreed details and these initial checks are done, we’ll ask you to pay a non-refundable referencing fee and will send you a link to Rentshield, who we use as an impartial referencing company.

The referencing process typically takes 5 working days, but can take longer if your referees don’t respond – it’s worth making sure your referees know that Rentshield will be contacting them.


Once your references and checks are complete we will ask you to pay your non-refundable Administration Fee which covers your Right-to-Rent check, Contract costs and Inventory costs.

If your references and checks are not able to be completed, or are unsuccessful we will not be able to proceed with your tenancy.

View more information on our fees HERE.

Right-to-Rent Checks

Every landlord must carry out this check before letting a property. We will ask you (and anyone living with you) for proof of identification, which should be a Passport or Visa and proof of your current address. This is usually in the form of a scanned and emailed copy of your ID. We’ll need to see the originals at check-in to complete this check.

Paying your deposit

We will ask you for your deposit (1.5 times your monthly rent) and first months rent in advance. Our rental due-date is always the 1st of the month, please note if you move in part-way through a month we’ll need to adjust your advance rental payment up/down on a pro-rata basis.

Your deposit will be held with a government-backed deposit scheme and we’ll provide all the information for you to manage your deposit after you move-in.

Checking your contract

We’ll confirm move-in dates and check-in time. We will send you a draft copy of your contract and documents. These will need to be signed at check-in, so read through them carefully and let us know if you have any questions.


The final step is to meet you at your check-in, we’ll bring anything you need to sign (contract, Direct Debit forms etc) and also, the keys to your new home!

Remember, we’ll also need to see the original documents that prove your identification.

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