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Am I eligible for a Shared Ownership property?

If you want to apply for any of our homes, we will need to know that:

  • you can afford all the costs of owning a home
  • your annual household income is less than £80,000, and
  • you do not own any other homes (at the time that you buy)

Some properties may be bound by local connection restrictions in order to make them affordable for local people. We'll explain any restrictions to you when you're searching for a property.

What is Shared Ownership?

Shared Ownership is a government-funded programme of affordable home ownership, designed to help people who wish to buy a home but cannot afford to do so on the open market.

For further information please see our page on how Shared Ownership works.

Do I have to register with the Help to Buy agent?

The Help to Buy agent is a government funded ‘one-stop shop’ for everyone who wants to apply to buy or rent an affordable home. 

You need to register with the Help to Buy agent for your area so they can assess your application, check you are eligible for and provide you with approval so you can then look for your ideal with us.

Find your local Help to Buy agent by clicking on your region on this page.

What happens when I want to sell?

When it comes to moving on, there are two ways to sell your Shared Ownership Home. Check out the information on our selling your home page for more information.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. We will talk you through all of the costs for each property when you apply.

How much does the rent go up each year?

The rent will go up annually on the first day of April. Each increase will be based on the Retail Price Index figure for February of the same year.

Do I need a deposit?

Most mortgage lenders will need you to put down a deposit equal to 5% of the share you are buying.  You can speak to our panel of financial advisors for more information.

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