Abi and Karl's first home as a newly engaged couple

Our shared owners Abi and Karl have been happily settled in their home since January 2019. 

We caught up with them almost two years later to hear their thoughts on moving into their first home together as an engaged couple, their plans for the future and how their home has worked for them whilst they’ve been working from home! 

The process

After becoming engaged, moving out of their parent’s homes and into a place together became top of their priority list, and to have somewhere that Abi and her fiancée Karl could finally call ‘home’. “We attended one of the Help To Buy Events, and had spoken with different housing associations regarding shared ownership and started to consider if this was the way to go and perhaps we should apply. I knew of Sovereign for a while and after speaking with the Sales Consultants we knew that they were the right shared ownership provider for us.” 

Abi knew she wanted a house with a garden, but most importantly she wanted a home that was affordable where she could start the next chapter of her life with her new fiancée. Abi and Karl had completed all the property admin in preparation for reserving a home including completing the Help to Buy application and speaking to a financial adviser so that when they found their perfect home they were able to reserve it straight away! “We were so excited to have somewhere we can both call ‘home’, and being newly engaged, it’s nice to live with your fiancée rather than in separate homes” 

Moving day

“Moving Day” can always be a little busy, but for Abi and Karl they picked up their keys right before a huge snow storm, meaning that the day they dreamed of, finally walking through their own front door, had to be delayed until the snow had cleared! “We just wanted to be in our new home! The snow delayed us moving in for a few days, but once it was over we had so much help from both our families, which made it that little bit easier. We will always be grateful for that help.” When buying a house it is natural to have lots of questions, there is lots of information and paperwork associated with a new home, financial assessments, solicitors, surveys etc. “The sales consultant for my development and the progression team were always keeping us updated, they were very organised and easily answered any enquiries that I had. Everything was smooth-sailing, but if there were any problems I still felt relaxed as Sovereign were such a great support to us”. 

Making a house their home

When Sovereign partners with our customers on their new homes, many decisions have already been made before ‘reservation’, such as kitchen fittings, worktop colour, bathroom tiles etc. Abi expressed how much she loved her new kitchen chosen by our Sales Consultant, and how that was the first thing she wanted to unpack, add her own accessories and make ‘homely’! “I loved the colours of the worktops, the cupboards and really, just everything about it! I like everything being tidy, in a certain place and clean! My kitchen is perfect for me”. 

Abi and Karl live at Coral and Paddock just outside of Basingstoke, a small development of 2 & 3 bedroom homes. For them, shared ownership means that they have been able to take that first step onto the property ladder, have the freedom they wanted as a newly engaged couple and to be able to look to the future together in their happy home. Living with Karl in their own home, Abi noted that they are now seen as a “couple”, not just “Abi and her boyfriend” living in their parent’s house. They have become friends with their neighbours and have established a small community in the development and both Karl and Abi couldn’t be happier. Like the rest of the world, Abi and Karl were looking forward to what amazing things 2020 may bring them after such a successful year in 2019 getting engaged and moving in together. Abi and Karl are now planning to get married in 2021 and we wish them all the luck and happiness in the world!