Getting on the property ladder at just 22

Hi, I’m Daisy and I’ve been working at Sovereign for almost a year and a half and I'm currently in the process of buying a shared ownership property.

I joined Sovereign as the Development Policy and Improvement Officer. The nature of my role means that each day is different, but every day I’m working towards the same purpose; to help shape the standards that Sovereign sets when they build new homes. 

Even before working in the property industry, I had always dreamt of owning my own home and being able to decorate it just how I like, but I didn’t think this would be possible for years to come. When I joined Sovereign and learnt more about the shared ownership scheme something clicked, and I couldn’t believe it when I found out that it would actually allow me to afford my own home at the age of 22!

The steps to my new home

I’m now currently in the process of buying my first home through shared ownership. This is super exciting for me but just like anyone venturing into the property market for the first time, getting a step on the ladder doesn’t come without its initial nerves. My biggest apprehension was around applying for a mortgage and the challenges that this would bring but surprisingly, this was one of the easy parts! In fact, I was worried that the whole process was going to be intimidating and tricky, but it has been quite the opposite. The team at Sovereign  have been incredibly helpful and supported me through every step, providing me with documents that map out exactly what I have needed to do at each step. I also used one of Sovereign’s Independent Financial Advisers and Jackie from Imperial Financial has been exceptional and put my mind at ease throughout the whole journey. 

The perfect place

I cannot wait to get the keys to my new home and for it all to become real! The location of my new home is perfect for me; it is close to work and to the centre of Bristol where I can meet my friends in the evenings and at weekends. I absolutely fell in love with the quiet, relaxed ambience of the development, which is very different to where I am currently living and as a keen cyclist; the thing that made it even more attractive to me was the many cycle links close by.

I couldn’t have done this without shared ownership and the support of the Sales Consultants and I just can’t wait to be able to say I’m officially a homeowner at 22!