Olivia and Dan achieve their dream of owning a home

Olivia and her husband, Dan, had been renting privately for 8 years dreaming to own a home of their own one day, until a friend told them about shared ownership and they just knew it was perfect for them. 

Fast forward a few months and Olivia excitedly answers the door to her very own home and invited us in to show us how she unpacked and turned her empty new build into a home in just 24 hours! 

A new option.

Olivia and her husband explained that whilst renting they saved up enough money for a deposit to begin house-hunting but were left disappointed when they were unable to borrow enough money from the bank to buy on the open market. “I visited a friend who owned a shared ownership home and she explained everything to me and my husband. We realised we could afford to buy a house if we used this scheme and got the ball rolling straight away.” 

Finding the perfect place.

Olivia and Dan found their perfect home at a development near Camberley, a 2-bedroom home nestled in a quiet corner of the site next to some woodland walks. From reserving the plot to being handed the keys, was a total of just 5 months, including delays due to Covid-19. “It seemed a long wait at the start, but it came round so quickly! Charlotte was great and helpful. The employees at Sovereign helped calm my nerves on many occasions, special ‘thanks’ to Lisa and Charlotte!” 

Walking through their door on completion day, Olivia and Dan felt like all their hard work had paid off at once and now have a place to call their own. They remembered those 8 years not being able to decorate, renting somebody else’s home, excited for the future and finally being able to put their own stamp on where they live. “I love the plain white walls and the grey carpets, so the house has come perfect for me! I’m sure in a year I will want to change it all again. But that’s nice, nice to know I can change it because I own the house and am no longer renting!” 

Settling in.

Olivia and Dan moved in on a Wednesday, and on the Thursday we arrived to see flowers in the window and beautiful hanging baskets by the front door, they had clearly been busy! They invited us in to see their perfect un-boxed kitchen, cosy lounge decorated with pictures and furnishings, and a glimpse through to the garden we could see their stunning set-up of outdoor living with relaxed seating, plants and a garden rug! They really have had a busy 24 hours!! Dan & Olivia already have a DIY project on the go and showed us how they are going to make a large, black paneled mirror out of some smaller mirrors from IKEA. We cannot wait to see it finished! 

Why shared ownership.

Shared ownership has helped Dan and Olivia finally achieve their dream of getting on the property ladder and owning a home of their own. They are now busy educating their friends and family all about it and even sharing advice to friends who have started their shared ownership journey of their own due to Olivia and Dan’s experience. “Many people I spoke to where aware of the scheme and had heard of it but no one I spoke to knew how it worked, or that it could be suitable for them. I’m currently helping a friend to do the same as us. I’ve shared all my knowledge with her and now she’s realised she could become a homeowner too.” 

Finally owning a home has given Dan and Olivia some security, and planning for the future is easier knowing that they are secure in their home. “This is our ‘almost forever home’. We plan to stay here until our family grows and then move somewhere bigger”. Without shared ownership, Dan and Olivia would still be private renting, unable to borrow enough money for a home on the open market and planning for the future together would be put on hold. “I feel like a real adult, so to sum it up... I feel like a grown up! I feel like I’ve reached a new milestone in my life. I can finally own my home and a gorgeous new build too! I finally feel proud of where I live.”