Petra has proved to herself that anything is possible

Petra and her daughter have recently moved into their new home in Blackwater, proving to herself that “you are capable of anything if you put your mind to it”. 

Quickly outgrowing their flat, Petra wanted to own her own home again. It took a year to save for her deposit whilst renting, along with money from a property she previously owned with an ex-partner, Petra had enough to begin her property search and begin a new chapter of her life.  

Taking the first step

Petra knew all about shared ownership, but it wasn’t until lockdown in Spring 2020 when she decided to take the first step. “I decided to proceed with shared ownership during the lockdown as I was living in a rented flat with no garden.” Keen for more space, Petra soon found what she was looking for; a modern 2 bedroom home with a private garden at a beautiful development in Blackwater. 

Moving from her rented flat she shared with her daughter, Petra was delighted to finally have somewhere with more space, away from a busy road and with its own garden. Petra’s daughter is especially excited to be having her own bedroom to decorate, “I know she will have a lot to say, but painting this together will be fun!” 

Where you live is so important

Like many others throughout lockdown, the realisation that where you live is so important to our comfort and wellbeing that the dream of owning your own home has become less of a dream with more people are turning that into reality by starting their shared ownership journey. ‘Lockdown’ has given many people the motivation to either move somewhere with more space, take the first step and move out of the family home or find somewhere closer to the perfect place they want to be. 
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 The shared ownership process

Petra’s shared ownership journey from reserving her home to being handed the keys was a relatively quick process. Petra reserved her home in July, “the exchange to completion was within in 6 weeks, I exchanged in the first week of September and the house was built and finished in the first week of October. It was a very quick process!” Forming a relationship with her sales consultant, Petra had only praise for Charlotte and how she helped Petra through the process, “Charlotte has been amazing throughout the process and has guided me across the whole thing, the customer service with Charlotte has been 5 out of 5.” 

Petra’s experience with Sovereign and working with Charlotte has inspired a close friend to also explore shared ownership, having thought owning her home wasn’t possible for her. “It has opened the door for a friend of mine who lives on their own and didn’t know that it was an option. Everyone just hears about the Help to Buy scheme, and with the housing market booming at the moment the option of shared ownership is also available”. 

 "You are capable of anything"

Petra has proved to herself and her daughter that anything is possible, “you are capable of anything if you put your mind to it. A lot of people have mentioned that buying on your own will be difficult. Shared ownership has shown me that this is possible and I can own my own home” 

This is just the beginning for Petra and her daughter looking forward to the future with plans to staircase. “My life has become stress free, I have a house for the first time and my own garden, there is plenty of space making my daughter and I happy. I would like to own the house 100%, but who knows what life will bring”. For now, they are both looking forward to enjoying their time together, decorating her daughter’s bedroom, expanding into their larger home and Summer 2021 - where Petra and her daughter can enjoy their own sunny garden!