Samantha bought her first home in 'Lockdown'

Moving house is never easy, but for Samantha buying her first home during the COVID-19 pandemic has proved to be more straight forward than initially thought.

We caught up with Samantha, who bought her first home in the Summer of 2020, to see how she felt about the buying and moving process with Sovereign, and how she is settling into her new home.

Doing it on her own

Samantha first heard about Sovereign by chance when she was looking at rental properties in the area, she wasn’t familiar with shared ownership and after doing a bit of research she was interested to see a new development in her hometown offering homes within her price range, “I knew it was the perfect option for me” and began the process of reserving a home with Sovereign. When she was given the good news that her home had been reserved Samantha was delighted, “It was very exciting. As I’ve done it on my own I was very proud and couldn’t wait for everything to start moving”

Through uncertain times

Not being put off by moving at a challenging time, Samantha has praised Sue, the sales consultant for the development, for her professionalism and stated “Sovereign kept me in the loop with what was happening, and made the processes with social distancing a breeze. The process has been very easy and ran smoothly, despite the challenges we all faced! Any issues I had were quickly answered or resolved.”

When handed the keys to her very own home Samantha described it as a very surreal feeling, “Even after a week in it was still very surreal. Being a homeowner means a lot to me as I have now made an investment into this flat”. On moving day Samantha enlisted the help of family and was pleased that she didn’t have a difficult or stressful experience moving all the boxes! The first thing she unpacked was the TV, “I had to get the music channels going to make the furniture moving easy!”

Due to social-distancing and working shifts, Samantha hasn’t met any of her new neighbours yet, “When I was moving in I saw a few faces and they all seemed friendly and welcoming”, but Samantha has enjoyed time with her family in her new home, “My favourite room is the living room, it’s big enough to get my whole family in when they come round, but small enough to still feel cosy when I’m on my own. I can’t really hear any traffic noise from the development, and I catch the sunrise and sunset through my windows”.

Settling in

After moving day Samantha has enjoyed getting settled in her home, re-arranging all her furniture to make sure it’s perfect, buying new pieces to make her apartment feel more cosy, and sharing how she’s made her house her home by sending us her beautiful pictures.

Without shared ownership, Samantha would have had a harder time getting onto the property ladder with a home she loves. Sovereign has made buying her first home possible for her, “Buying with shared ownership means a lot, it’s opened doors for me, and made buying a property possible for me”. We are so happy for you Samantha and are proud to be your property partner.