Autumnal Vibes

 Posted Thursday, 17 October 2019

The evenings are drawing in, the cosy socks and boots have come out of storage, and the arguments about the central heating are starting to simmer, it can only mean one thing; Autumn is well and truly here!

Whether you’ve been counting down the days until your first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season, or you mourn the end of the Summer sunshine, we’re here with our favourite tips on how to change up your interiors to fit the time of year.


Soft and twinkly lighting

By the time you get in from work natural light is likely to be a distant memory, no better excuse than to create your own cosy grotto. Fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas, cluster them up instead of stringing them out and you’ve created a twinkly warming glow. Arrange in fireplaces, empty Mason jars, bookshelves, or any nook & cranny that needs a bit of light.

 Texture, texture, texture

Nothing says ‘cosy’ like a blanket and some inviting cushions; it’s also a really inexpensive way to completely change up a room. By dressing your sofa, or bed, with as many different textures as you can, you’ll create an autumnal haven that you’ll look forward to getting home to. Think chunky knits, faux fur, velvets, and rich plaids.

 Swap your scents

We all have a favourite scent of candle, wax melt, or oil for our diffuser, but does it scream Autumn? If not, it might be worth thinking about swapping up for something a little deeper to suit to the season. Vanilla, patchouli, cinnamon, cedarwood and orange blossom will all delight your senses and evoke a sense of cosy and calm. 

 Mature pumpkin decoration  

No need to get your knife out or get hands dirty with this kind of pumpkin decoration (unless you want to). Painting your pumpkin is a fantastic way to keep in the Halloween spirit but adopting a mature feel. Not feeling inspired? Try a white base with warm metallic shades in polka dots or geometric patterns. If you don’t fancy getting the paints out try studding your pumpkins and gourds with drawing pins to create a unique and modern design.

 Bring the outside in

Just as Summer bring us flowers to brighten up our homes, Autumn brings us a wealth of beautiful foliage and natural decoration for us to play with. Pinecones, gourds, dried leaves & reeds, succulents, and evergreen foliage can create beautiful arrangements, if you’re looking for ideas then Pinterest has pages and pages of tutorials.

 Hot chocolate station

Dust off that cake tier you never use, fill Mason jars with your favourite toppings & adornments (marshmallows and candy canes for us please) and set up your own Hot Chocolate station. Not only is this a way to bring the autumn vibes into the kitchen, guests of all ages will just love getting creative. Decorate with your favourite foraged autumnal pieces, and simply swap the décor ready for Christmas!

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