" I love the outdoors but unfortunately, my apartment doesn’t have a garden, so to brighten up my living space I’ve dotted lots of (low maintenance) plants in colourful pots across my apartment – in corners of the room and on window ledges. A bouquet of flowers also really helps brighten up the place!"

 "Don’t be afraid to put in some work. Find an old piece of furniture, sand it, paint it, UPCYCLE! It’s hugely rewarding and will deliver a unique look every time."

" Floating shelves can really help to make a house a home as well as provide a great space saver..you can showcase your favourite family and holiday snaps, add some flora and switch items about when the mood suits."

"I love greenery, I have as many plants, flowers and leaves as possible in my home! Green is spiritually the colour of balance, and being in nature can give you a sense of harmony and freshness. My home is my happy place and lots of greenery relaxes me."

"Unique, statement furniture can really add colour, or a bring a theme to life in a room without complete redecoration.
It’s worth investing in a piece that you really love and dressing the room around it. The louder the colour, the better"