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World Environment Day

 Posted Thursday, 20 June 2019

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When it comes to climate change, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and feel like it’s something too big for us alone to make a difference, but the truth is we could, and should, all be doing more to reduce our carbon footprint.

This #WorldEnvironmentDay we’ve been thinking about things we can do in our own homes to pave the way for change -

Turning off appliances and using energy wisely
It might sound like an obvious one, but many of us are still guilty of leaving our electrical appliances in standby mode rather than switching off! 

Still washing on a hot wash? By running the washing machine on a cool cycle, and air drying instead of tumble-drying, this will hugely reduce your weekly energy usage.

Using a smart meter
This bring us on nicely to the benefits of Smart Meters, did you know everyone in the UK is entitled to a FREE meter? 
Being conscious of how much electricity you’re using enables you to reduce your energy use, cut your cost and help you to become energy efficient!

Refusing single use plastic
Not only is waste plastic having a huge impact on our oceans, recycling plastic requires a huge amount of energy and water. 
Buy unwrapped produce where you can, use cotton shopping bags, and invest in a stainless steel drinking straw.

Choosing a renewable energy source
Solar energy has the least negative impact on the environment; by having solar panels fitted at home you’ll quickly see the benefits in your monthly electricity bills too!

Eating less meat
Greenhouse emissions caused by animal agriculture sits within the top three major contributing factors of serious climate change. Just cutting out meat for one day a week could considerably cut your carbon footprint.

Shopping consciously for clothes & buying second hand
Did you know that it takes 1,800 gallons of water to make just ONE pair of denim jeans? The environmental and ethical impact of “Fast Fashion” is one we should all be conscious of, think sweatshops! 
By shopping second hand on apps like Ebay and Depop this radically reduces the amount of clothes finding their way to landfill (plus everyone loves a bargain!)

Taking public transport or riding a bike
With the average journey in the UK taking less than 5 miles, it’s fair to say we could be dusting off our cycle helmets more often. However, we know cycling isn’t possible for everyone, so the next best option is public transport.
A recent study compared carbon emissions from a bicycle (including manufacturing) to motorised vehicles, and found that for every passenger (per KM) travelled by bike, 21 grams of carbon were released as opposed to 271 grams for someone riding or driving in a car and 101 grams for people taking the bus!

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