Buy at Knights Quarter and receive a £3,000 IKEA voucher

£3,000 to make your home your own

We believe your home is the perfect place to free your creativity and let your personality shine through. That’s why we’re offering a £3,000 IKEA voucher* at any of our 1 & 2 bedroom Shared Ownership apartments at Knights Quarter, Winchester.

Spend it on anything you’d like!

4 IKEA products in a row

From essential furniture like sofas or a dining table, to the finishing touches like potted plants, soft furnishings, and mirrors, you can shop 'til you drop and create a home that is truly your own. 

Or get advice from the professionals

Alternatively, you can book a session with an IKEA interior designer to get personalised advice or have them create a detailed plan for your home to suit your style and budget!

*Paid upon completion of sale. Terms and conditions apply. For more information please speak to a member of our sales team.