Shared Ownership allows couple to plan their retirement

Meet the latest residents to join the Perrybrook community: Concha (60) and Jesus (57). Having relocated from Devon the previous year they decided that the Gloucestershire town of Brockworth was the perfect place for them to purchase a home.

Discovering Shared Ownership…

‘We’d been private renting since 2016 and were shocked at how quickly the rental market prices were increasing.  It just wasn’t feasible for us anymore, but we didn’t think we had any other option’ they explain. It was then one afternoon their Son came to visit them and mentioned the idea of Shared Ownership

The couple remark: "That evening we did a search online for Shared Ownership and discovered Sovereign Network Group were advertising new homes at the Perrybrook development. We were familiar with the location and so the next day we headed down to the development and spotted the three bedroom house that was being advertised and just knew this had to be our home!"

Concha and Jesus smile as they pose for a picture in their home

The Process

Concha and Jesus followed the how to apply steps on the SNG website and received a call from the Sales Consultant for Perrybrook who talked them through the process and what to expect.

"We had already spoken with a Financial Advisor who advised we had a good deposit but because of our age; the mortgage term would have to be shorter and therefore confirmed that Shared Ownership would be the best option for us".

The couple chatted to us about the process and felt it was carried out with such ease, from placing their deposit down to collecting the keys to their brand new three-bedroom house. "We had some minor hold ups on the lenders part but felt supported throughout by the team at Sovereign Network Group" Concha explains.

Life at Perrybrook

Now Concha and Jesus are settled into their new home, we asked what they liked most about living at Perrybrook. "I just love my new home, it’s so light and bright plus we have the added benefit of a garage which we use as an additional storage space. Living here is so convenient too, my commute to work is a pleasant twenty-minute walk where I pass a nearby Church and allotment space. Most weekends we’ll catch a bus from the development into Cheltenham Spa where we love to have a browse around the shops and sit at a local café for lunch".

Jesus also mentioned to us how he enjoys a round of golf at the nearby Gloucester Golf Club and is part of a local community running club. "It's great to be able to enjoy the outdoor benefits and amenities that are close by to Perrybrook" he explains.

Concha and Jesus laugh together whilst standing in their garden

What advice would you give?

"I’d say to budget!" Concha suggests. "Write down everything as although we have moved into a brand-new home, we were aware we’d have to choose carpets to be fitted plus we wanted some new furniture and shelving so we made sure to factor this in when going through the affordability".

Concha reflects "Shared Ownership has allowed us to plan for our future and our retirement, its provided security and stability – something we just didn’t feel we had when we were private renting. We didn’t know what our future looked like and being in our sixties meant we felt buying a home just wasn’t an option for us but… Shared Ownership has allowed us to make that dream come true! I’d say don’t let your age put your off, go explore your home buying options!"

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