When you're ready to sell your home

Your Shared Ownership home is just that – jointly owned between you and us, so when you’re ready to sell and move on, we’re here to help. 

As part of your lease, we have four weeks to help sell your share to someone looking for home like yours with Shared Ownership.

During these four weeks, we’ll advertise your home on our website and the Share to Buy website to help find you a buyer. If after this time we haven’t found a buyer for your share, we’ll still market your home – but you’ll also be able to market your share, either yourself or through an estate agent of your choice. 

To help you understand what a typical Shared Ownership sale might look like, we've put together some simple steps below to selling your shared ownership home:

01. Getting ready to sell

So that we can advertise your property on our website and the Share to Buy website we’ll need the following information and documents:

  • Energy Performance Certificate 
    We require a copy of the current EPC for your home. 
  • RICS Valuation 
    A copy of the current up-to-date RICS valuation. We’ve put together a list of handpicked surveyors that we work with to help you get started. Further information can be found here
  • Photos of your home 
    We've put together a quick guide to getting great photos here
  • Property Listing Form 
    You can download the form here
  • Consent from joint owner if applicable
    We need confirmation in writing that they also wish to sell 
  • Evidence of any name change if applicable
    e.g. Marriage Certificate/Deed Poll

Once you have gathered the above, please email this over to resales@sovereign.org.uk

Need help with your EPC or photos?
We’ve partnered with NicheCom who can provide EPC's, professional photographs, and floorplans to support your sale. Further information can be found here

02. Property Checks

Once we’ve received all the information to advertise your home, our team will need to do a few checks. These checks can take up to 10 working days and include:

  1. Remaining time on lease
  2. Local connection and requirements
  3. Staircasing restrictions

As soon as these are done, we will email you to confirm we have everything we need to market your property. 

03. Advertising your home

Our marketing team will get your property listed on our website and the Share to Buy website so that home hunters in your area will see your home listed in their searches. We’ll send you the link to your listing as soon as it's ready to view!

04. Arranging viewings

You know your home better than anyone else. To make it easier for you, interested potential buyers will contact you directly so you can arrange a convenient date and time to show them around your home.

05. Found a buyer

Great news, you’ve found a buyer! The first step they will need to take is to register with Share to Buy and complete a financial assessment with one of our Independent Financial Advisers to make sure Shared Ownership is right for them. The steps that your buyer will need to take to apply for your home can all be found here.

Still have questions? 

We've answered below some of our most Frequently Asked Questions. If you'd like to discuss anything further you can contact the Resales team on resales@sovereign.org.uk or 0300 330 0718