Stories from our shared owners

Hear from our existing shared owners and the story behind their shared ownership journey. 

Meet Jade and Ashley

After renting for most of their adult lives, Jade and Ashley have recently moved into their new 2 bedroom shared ownership home at the Crownbrook Place development in Berkshire.

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Meet Laura

Laura had been renting in Woodstock for the past six and half years and shared ownership had always been on her radar as an option, but never thought considered signing up to the shared ownership scheme.

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Meet Laith and Aseel

In May 2021, Laith, an IT Manager at a grammar school, and Aseel, an Enablement Manager, completed their final staircasing transaction. He shares his story and how shared ownership has helped him.

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Meet Cara

Cara, an Events Specialist from Newbury, had been living in Newbury with friends when her situation changed. She tells us how she beat the stats and purchased her first home at 25 with a deposit of under £5,000 through the shared ownership scheme.

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Cara enjoying her new shared ownership home

Meet Jo and Rob

With the mix of thatched cottages and traditional flint exteriors, you’d be forgiven for thinking that these homes have always been part of the village. It’s behind one of the immaculate Beech front doors we step into the home of Jo and Rob as they tell us how shared ownership enabled them to purchase the home they describe as “The One”.

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Jo and rob case study

Meet Rose

Coach driver Rose Clark (50) had been a homeowner for many years, buying her own house before she got married. Following a divorce, she was left without enough money to buy a property outright, and thought she would need to rent through the council. However, thanks to shared ownership she’s been able to buy a home at Sovereign Living’s Vyne Park development in Basingstoke.

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Rose in her new shared ownership home

Meet Maisy

It’s natural for a 21-year-old to want to move out of their parents’ house and into their own home, but with rising rents and house prices this can seem like an impossible dream. Shared ownership has enabled recent graduate Maisy Watkins to buy a house at Sovereign Living’s Saxon Gate development in Leonard Stanley, Gloucestershire – moving into her dream home just 42 days after applying.

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Maisy enjoying her new home

Meet Becky and Steven

Becky Moore and her family had outgrown their two-bedroom flat in Liden, near Swindon in Wiltshire. They longed to have more space, and a garden for their two daughters to run around in. Shared ownership gave them the opportunity to buy their own house at Sovereign Living’s Badbury Park development in Swindon, without having to provide a huge lump sum deposit upfront.

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Becky and Steven in their new shared ownership home

Meet Tamsin

30-year-old accounts assistant Tamsin Abrams didn’t let her single income quash her dream of owning a place to call home for her and her six-year-old son. After an easy application process, she now lives in a stunning two-bedroom house in Bampton, west Oxfordshire.

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Tamsin enjoying her new shared ownership home

Meet Trish

Being a busy, working, single-mum didn’t stop Trish Lapworth (39) from Newbury achieving her dream of buying her very own apartment at Newbury Racecourse for her and her two children (aged 3 and 14) to call home. After finding out about shared ownership, she knew it was an excellent way to get on the property ladder with a single salary and smaller deposit.

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Trish in her new shared ownership home

Meet James and Jasmine

A lot has changed in the last year for James and Jasmine (both 24) since buying their first home together, but not their enthusiasm for how shared ownership with Sovereign Living helped them get on the property ladder in Thatcham.

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Jasmine and James in their new shared ownership home

Meet Abi and Karl

Abi and Karl bought their first home together in early 2019 during a very snowy winter. After proposing, both Abi and Karl wanted a home to call their own as a newly engaged couple.  Shared ownership helped them set up home and look to the future as a soon to be Mr & Mrs!
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Abi's shared ownership case study

Meet Samantha

As a Police Officer, Samantha really wanted to have somewhere of her own where she can relax after a busy day (or night) at work, partnering with Sovereign and shared ownership helped her achieve this. Samantha is proud to have worked hard to save a deposit to buy her home all by herself and shares her delight of moving-day and how she is settling in to her perfect home.
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Samantha's shared ownership case study

Meet Luke

After unexpectedly moving back home, Luke decided to use that time to save for a deposit to purchase a place of his own. Luke found out about shared ownership whilst on a property search and knew that it was a great option for him to get onto the property ladder in his home town of Newbury.  Luke now has the safety and security of owning his own property, the freedom of making his own choices and the feeling of content that all his hard work and savings have paid off. 
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Image of Luke sat on his sofa in his new shared ownership home

Meet Olivia and Dan

After working hard and saving for a deposit, Olivia and Dan began their house search but were left feeling let down with low mortgage offers. Olivia and Dan discovered shared ownership after a friend bought their home using the scheme and knew that it was the perfect choice for them.
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Shared owners Olivia and Dan on moving-day!

Meet Hazel

One of our latest residents to move into her very own apartment at the beautiful Hayne Farm development in Gittisham, Devon.  She tells us all about her move on the property ladder this year and how delighted she is with her new home.

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A photo of Hazel in her new home!

Meet Lauren

Because of shared ownership, Lauren achieved her dream of owning her own home - giving herself and her son security for the future and a longed for place to call their own.

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Lauren and her son in their new home

Meet Petra

Buying with shared ownership meant that Petra and her daughter finally had somewhere they could call their own. Petra is thankful for shared ownership and how it helped her leave the apartment she shared with her daughter to buy her own beautiful house in Blackwater with a very much longed for garden.

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