Stories from our shared owners

Hear from our existing shared owners and the story behind their shared ownership journey. 

Meet Moira

Home ownership doesn’t have an age limit, as dancer Moira Mansbridge in her eighties discovered. Relocating over 400 miles from the English/Scottish border to the quaint market town of Honiton in Devon, Moira found her happy place at Sovereign’s Hayne Farm, purchasing a three-bedroom house through Shared Ownership.

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Moira holds a ballet position in her living room

Meet Vicki

For Vicki, the Shared Ownership scheme has not only helped her secure her first home, and more recently allowed her to move into a bigger property, this valuable homebuying scheme has also enabled Vicki to return to her hometown of Thornbury in South Gloucestershire.

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Vicki and her son playing in their new garden

Meet Paige

Paige, a 24-year-old Service Delivery Manager from Poole, never thought she’d be able to own a home at such a young age. Shared ownership enabled Paige, a first-time buyer, to step onto the property ladder at Sovereign’s Potters Grove development in Poole.

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Paige relaxes on her sofa whilst cuddling her cat

Meet Laith and Aseel

In May 2021, Laith, an IT Manager at a grammar school, and Aseel, an Enablement Manager, completed their final staircasing transaction. He shares his story and how shared ownership has helped him.

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Laith and Aseel with family in their back garden

Meet Jo and Rob

With the mix of thatched cottages and traditional flint exteriors, you’d be forgiven for thinking that these homes have always been part of the village. It’s behind one of the immaculate Beech front doors we step into the home of Jo and Rob as they tell us how shared ownership enabled them to purchase the home they describe as “The One”.

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Jo & Rob sitting in their garden

Meet Rose

Coach driver Rose Clark (50) had been a homeowner for many years, buying her own house before she got married. Following a divorce, she was left without enough money to buy a property outright, and thought she would need to rent through the council. However, thanks to shared ownership she’s been able to buy a home at Sovereign Living’s Vyne Park development in Basingstoke.

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Rose in her new shared ownership home

Meet Becky and Steven

Becky Moore and her family had outgrown their two-bedroom flat in Liden, near Swindon in Wiltshire. They longed to have more space, and a garden for their two daughters to run around in. Shared ownership gave them the opportunity to buy their own house at Sovereign Living’s Badbury Park development in Swindon, without having to provide a huge lump sum deposit upfront.

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Becky and Steven enjoying the sun in their back garden

Meet Trish

Being a busy, working, single-mum didn’t stop Trish Lapworth (39) from Newbury achieving her dream of buying her very own apartment at Newbury Racecourse for her and her two children (aged 3 and 14) to call home. After finding out about shared ownership, she knew it was an excellent way to get on the property ladder with a single salary and smaller deposit.

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Trish sat on the sofa reading a book to her child

Meet James and Jasmine

A lot has changed in the last year for James and Jasmine (both 24) since buying their first home together, but not their enthusiasm for how shared ownership with Sovereign Living helped them get on the property ladder in Thatcham.

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Jasmine and James sitting on the sofa enjoying a cup of tea in their new shared ownership home