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 Posted Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Have you recently moved into your new shared ownership home, wanting to put a mark on your place but a little stuck for where to look for inspiration? Here are a few of our favourite places to look out for new ideas and styling tips…

On the gram…

“My absolute go-to for home inspo has to be MADE.com – they have an Instagram feed of dreams! Their pieces can be pricey but they have plenty of articles on their website sharing ideas and style tips that you fit to a tighter budget. The ‘Find Your Style’ section on their website is also a fun and quick way to help visualise how a room could look – you can ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ particular images of interiors and products and then it generates mood boards with colour schemes for different rooms.”

“We are in the early stages of a home extension and we’re getting a big new kitchen but I have no idea what kind of kitchen I want or what colours will work. I love the Scandinavian style, and know i’d like a Kitchen Island, so I search hashtags on Instagram of particular words associated to my ideas to see what I can find! I have found some interesting home and design accounts that I have now followed and now know exactly what I want!”

“I follow lots of home interior accounts on Instagram as it’s a good way to keep up to date with trends and see the renovations others are making to their homes! My favourite accounts are @nordicliving, @myhome_at_no_1 and @thewhitepinesproject.”

On the high street…

“You can find some amazing and unique furniture in second hand shops. The pieces can sometimes look a little tired or may not fit the style of a room as they currently are, but it can be a really fun project to upcycle with a lick of paint or vinyl to give it a brand new lease of life!”

“I love to pop into Homesense as they have a huge range of styles and you can find some great bargains! I’m also subscribed to a handful of home & furniture shop’s mailing lists including Maisons du Monde and Trouva.”


“When I know I want something, for example something to put in a space on my kitchen wall, but not sure exactly what I want, I type a few different phrases into Etsy and see where inspiration takes me! I often then get a clearer idea of what I want and then can do a more specific search! I love Etsy because it’s full of handmade and vintage items and crafts, something personal that maybe no one else will have!”

“I find Pinterest a good starting point for when I’m trying to find some home interior inspiration and then tend to browse high-street stores such as Next and Laura Ashley as they have a range of styles. One of my favourite home inspired Instagram pages is @feathering_the_empty_nest which is helping me to plan my KOD aka ‘Kitchen of Dreams’!”

We’re always sharing plenty of go-to places for home and interior inspiration on our Instagram, let us know your favourites over at @sovereignlivinguk

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