Celebrate IWD with our shared owners

Throughout March we're celebrating International Women's Day, and this week we have caught up with some of our solo female homeowners to talk all about their experience stepping on the property ladder with shared ownership! 

Meet some of our female shared owners as they give us an insight into what it was like moving home as a single homeowner, as well as some of their top tips and advice to first-time buyers looking to take the next steps in their moving journey.

Say hello to Emma!

"My name is Emma and I'm 25 years old. I have just purchased my first home through Sovereign with shared ownership, and am currently living in my gorgeous one bedroom apartment in Hampshire.

I'm originally from Cheshire and moved to Surrey for work in 2019. When looking for a home, I wanted a space that was within commuting distance to Weybridge which is where I work. I also wanted to own a home in a nice area which was of course affordable, and this property has ticked all the boxes and more!"

My proudest moment so far

"Honestly, just being able to have somewhere of my own is amazing and I keep having to pinch myself! It's a great feeling and so nice to have my own space where I can happily bake, take long baths and chill out on the sofa in front of the TV without worrying that I'm intruding on shared space. My parents got me a tool kit in anticipation for my move, and I've really enjoyed rolling my sleeves up and getting things done myself!"

How I found the application process

"Applying for my one bed apartment in Hampshire was pretty straightforward. My Lifetime ISA really helped with the application process. I was able to put away money each month, and combined with the government contribution, I increased my savings without really noticing. This allowed me to reach my goal of owning my own home even quicker than expected!

Having previously rented, I was so excited to complete the application process and look forward to having a lovely, new place of my own which not only worked out much cheaper than just renting, but was also an amazing investment in the long-term."

My advice to first-time buyers

"I would definitely recommend shared ownership. I have to admit, I still can't believe that I am a 25 year old who's really at the start of my career and able to afford a own home as nice as this, but that's the whole point of shared ownership! It's that helping hand to get something you'd have never thought you could get!"

Emma has recently moved into her one bedroom apartment as a solo homeowner and has found the following quote motivational throughout her moving journey:

"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish." - Michelle Obama

Welcome Laura! 

"I'm a 32 year old solo homeowner from Bristol. Before moving into my own home in 2018, I rented an apartment and then lived at my family home before moving into my new place.

Initially, I found the process of moving home on my own scary but by the end of it, it was so rewarding! I love the fact that my home is all mine - I can implement any design ideas I have without having to compromise which is a real plus."

My proudest moment so far

"For me, it was having the courage to take those next steps at a difficult time when I was feeling my most vulnerable. I took faith in the process and it was the best decision I ever made!

Even now, I still love having my family and friends round in my own space which I feel super proud of."

How I found the application process

"Completing the application process on my own was a breeze. An independent financial advisor guides you through the important bits, and my experience with my solicitor L&C was straightforward. They even sent me emails to congratulate me at each stage of the buying process.

Applying on Help to Buy was also really easy - you do one application at the start of your moving journey, and then once you've found your dream place you can apply with a few clicks. Simple!"

My advice to first-time buyers

"Go for it! Shared ownership is an affordable option which could really suit you. I never thought my first home would be a two bed house and I feel so pleased that I kept my options open. My home will easily sell in the future, and I love the fact shared ownership helped me step on the property ladder as an independent woman!"

Laura has been a proud solo homeowner of a two bed end of terrace house since 2018, and one of her favorite quotes is:

"Sometimes things do not go your way even if you do your best. Sometimes things need more time than you anticipated. You cannot change everything that happens to you but you can always choose to learn from them, grow and become a stronger and a better version of yourself "- Dhiman

Meet Rachel!

"I'm 27 from Bristol buying my first home. I currently live with my parents and am waiting to move into my 1 bed apartment at the Blackberry Hill development in Fishponds this year.

Saving up a deposit for my dream home over the last year was easier than expected. My experience so far with the application process has been effortless and I have felt guided and supported throughout. Sovereign have been amazing at keeping me informed and answering any questions!"

My proudest moment so far

"So far my proudest moment has been exchanging contracts. At that point I could finally relax and start getting excited that I was moving all by myself - everything suddenly became very real!

I'm also proud of the fact I have been able to step on the property ladder in an ideal location which offers an easy commute to work, picturesque scenery and nearby amenities. The perfect place to call home and make new beginnings!"

How I found the application process

"Completing the application process on my own has been well-explained and easier than expected! My financial advisor was fantastic and Sovereign's handpicked solicitor, Tayntons, are experts in shared ownership and new build purchases. This made me feel comfortable and the overall process was effortless!

To this day I remember getting the call to confirm the home I wanted could now be mine after a previous purchaser pulled out. I cried with happiness!"

My advice to first-time buyers

"Just do it - you won't regret the decision! Shared ownership is a practical and affordable option which gets you on the property ladder and you can officially say you own your own home - it's an amazing feeling knowing you have somewhere to call your own! A few years ago my brother also purchased a home with shared ownership and, like me, says how lifechanging it is!"

Rachel stepped on the property ladder through shared ownership and now owns a one bedroom apartment. A quote which she finds inspiring is:

"Don't compare your life to others. There's no comparison between the sun and the moon - they both shine when it's their time."

Are you looking to step on the property ladder?

At Sovereign we partner with you to share the cost of buying your own home - you pay for the part you can afford and we'll pay for the part that's left. It's an opportunity to buy the home that's right for you without needing the large deposit that comes with it. Shared ownership could be for you if:

  • You are over the age of 18
  • Your household income is less than £80,000
  • You don't already own a home at the time of buying your shared ownership property

Find out more information on how the process works here, or alternatively, contact us to get started with your shared ownership journey.