What to plan for the big day!

So far so good - you’ve exchanged, paid your deposit and now have an official completion date… otherwise known as moving day! 

To ensure a smooth process on the day of your house move make sure you’re well prepared and know what steps to take in advance. To help you get organized we’ve put together some of our tops tips, resources, and advice on what to consider in the countdown to your big day.

In the run up to moving day

Consider carpets and flooring – If you’re purchasing a new build home which comes without carpets and flooring it could be beneficial to plan ahead before the big day. Ahead of your move it would be useful to see whether your carpet fitter is able to attend and measure your rooms to avoid any delays. Alternatively, you can do this yourself by printing off your floor plan, bringing a measuring tape and noting down the dimensions. To be certain you’ve got accurate information to give back to your carpet fitter, we recommend measuring each room at least twice.

Buying off-plan – When viewing your house for the first time consider taking a walk-through video of your home so you can start to visualize where everything will go. It is also worthwhile bringing a measuring tape with you when viewing your home to mark up each room’s measurements and identify where on the floor plan key furniture should go. This will help ensure you order the right-sized furniture for your home and know where to put items on the day of the move.

Take photos of each room – When visiting your home in the lead up to moving day remember to take plenty of photos. This will act as a guide when it comes to considering what items for the home will fit and work nicely in each room, allowing you to plan and purchase items in advance to work with your vision and style of the property.

The morning of the move - Get creative

If you have little ones then it’s useful to plan ways to keep them occupied. Use some of our tips and resources below to avoid heightened stress and pressure in those all-important hours.

  • Children’s activity pack – Make sure the children have something to keep them occupied whilst you’re packing and sorting boxes. To keep costs down, download and print a free activity pack from online. Not only will this keep them busy throughout the day, but it will also give them an opportunity to embrace moving home and allow them to get to know their new surroundings.
  • Create a first night moving box – Get the children involved and as excited as you are by creating a moving box for the first night in their new home. This box could include all of the essentials from pyjamas and a change of clothes to their favourite toy or electronic games.

Throughout the day - Moving checklist

Knowing what to do and expect on moving day will work to your advantage and make your moving day a success. We’ve put together a few of our most helpful tips to make sure you remember the essentials.

  • Moving day checklist - Remember to bring useful items for each room with the help of a moving day checklist. This will help keep you comfortable and calm during the move and will guide you on what to bring for each room such as the kitchen and bathroom. Simply pack a box labelled ‘essentials’ to help you during the next couple of days following the move. Download your free survival guide here
  • Book time off work - Depending on how prepared you feel it might be worth using some annual leave to give yourself enough time to complete the move and avoid feeling rushed.
  • Check who holds the key - Ensure you know the date that your keys will be released and who you will need to collect these from to avoid any confusion and last-minute worries.
  • Regular check-ins - Remember to regularly look through your moving checklists throughout the day and tick off tasks as you go to stay on track. On the day of your move also make sure you put important documents and items in a safe place which can easily be found.
  • What to have on you throughout the day – The day of your house move is often fast-paced so ensure that you have your main items with you in those all-important hours. If you’re completing on your home and moving in on the same day keeping items such as your mobile phone (and a charger!) close by and on loud will make sure you won’t miss any important calls and help completion day go smoothly.

Save on energy from the moment you move in

Did you know you could save on your energy bill right from the get-go? Instantly make your new home more energy-efficient by following some of the below steps when you move in

  • Be smart with where you place your furniture - When you move in consider where you place items such as beds and sofas. Having furniture pressed against radiators will trap heat and prevent it from reaching the wider room – adding unnecessary money to your energy bill. Consider where your furniture would be best placed and be smart with the use of radiators.
  • Make the most of natural light - If you’re planning to work from home or spend most of your time in certain areas of the house then consider which rooms provide the most natural light on moving day. For example, organize your rooms accordingly by setting up your home office in a room which gets the most natural light to reduce your energy usage.
  • Close the curtains and draw the blinds - Give your new home an instant warm and comfortable feel by closing curtains and drawing blinds to avoid heat escaping when the sun goes down.

Want more information on how to save on your energy bills going forward? Check out this article for some expert-advice to learn how small changes can make a big difference when it comes to saving money on energy bills.

Plan for the future in your new home

Although moving home can sometimes feel a little full-on, it will all be worth it, and you’ll be settled into your new home in no time! Once moving day is out of the way it’s time for the fun part – relaxing in your new surroundings, celebrating your future in your new home and decorating your property. Check back next week where we’ll be talking you through how to make a house a home and plan the future in your new neighbourhood!