We'll pay a part to get you on the ladder

Why shared ownership

We partner with you to share the cost of buying your own home – you pay for the part you can afford and we’ll pay for the part that’s left.

Here's the best part

As you are only buying part of your home, you will have a smaller deposit (as little as 5%) and lower monthly payments – perfect.

The part you pay

Start by paying what you can afford. When you want to buy a bigger part, you can. We call it ‘staircasing’ and we’re with you every step of the way.

All part of the service

From moving in to moving on, our sales, marketing and home ownership teams are here to help you with every part of owning your home.

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Cara's story

Cara had been living in Newbury with friends when her situation changed. She found herself in a position where she had to choose between renting a place on her own or purchasing her first home. “I originally wanted to buy a property outright, however I found that this was near to impossible as a single person, even with a comfortable wage and what I thought was a healthy deposit."

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A photo of Cara enjoying her new shared ownership home
Shared ownership allowed me to get on the property ladder at 25 with just a £5,000 deposit


The next steps to your new home

Once you've found your perfect home, there are 3 simple steps to apply.

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