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Moving Day Hacks

 Posted Thursday, 15 August 2019

So, you’ve found your dream home, you’ve exchanged contracts, you’ve got your moving date – not to mention you’ve visualised popping Champagne in your shiny new kitchen a million times – and then the realisation of moving house really sets in! We know it’s a daunting task, but preparation is key.

We’ve put together our top hacks for moving home that will make your big day go smoothly.

1. Be ruthless with decluttering

Moving is the perfect time to have a complete cleanse of your belongings and start again. Seriously think to yourself “do I want this in my new home?” and see if you can visualise it in its new environment. In the words of Marie Kondo – if it doesn’t spark joy then it’s not coming with you.

2. Label boxes

It sounds like a really obvious one, but one that’s a failsafe. You might know which box goes in which room, but your family or removal firm helping you won’t. So get that Sharpie out and label, label, label!

3. Put the beds up as soon as you get in

This hack comes with a few benefits! As the boxes and belongings start coming in you’re going to run out of space, save yourself the time of shuffling boxes around later in order to make room for constructing the bed. It’s likely to be a long and tiring day, get the bed up and ready to crawl into later. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself!

4. Pack an overnight bag

Make sure everyone in the move has an overnight back that you can easily lay your hands on, its one less thing to think about when you’re in and surrounded by boxes! Think essentials; a set of PJs, some clean clothes for the next day and your phone charger.

5.  Take a picture of the back of your electricals

If, like us, you have what feels like a mile of wires coming out the back of your TV (how many consoles!), it’s worth taking a quick snap with your phone of which wire goes to what. A really handy reference for when you’re setting up in your new home.

6. Use medium sized boxes

You can get more stuff in a bigger box right? Of course you can, but the logistics of moving it are not so great. There’s the danger it can be too heavy to move and too cumbersome to get a good grip of. When picking boxes, make sure they’re the right size for you to easily pick up and carry.

7. Remember where you put the kettle!

This one needs no explanation. You’ve got the keys, you’re in.Take a look around, yep, it really is all yours. Get the kettle on and enjoy your new home

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